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Poke-Fusion: Magnarak by Cheeyev
by Cheeyev

this is adorable :D i love spinark! and its shiny is awesome too! you should like this , its really good,(and creepy heheh... srsly help...

Poke-Fusion: Marapluff by Cheeyev
by Cheeyev

its ... so ... FOOFIE omg its so floofy! it is a liiiitle creepy (the eyes are staring into my soul) well done. omg i just had a though...

Poke-Fusion: Raivoir by Cheeyev
by Cheeyev

this is definitely one of your best fusions ever! you should be really proud of yourself you've definitely improved! the colors are exc...

Poke-Fusion: Snichu by Cheeyev
by Cheeyev

I'm sure it's very hard to create fusions, I like the colour scheme and the parts you added from a pikachu are all in the correct place...




i got undertale! how do i defeat undyne XD
Anyone up for a slime rancher roleplay :3
Mommy... you told me to wait... by Daphneysilly
Mommy... you told me to wait...
A small amaura lies in the snow, although they are used to the cold,  its system begins to shut down from cold,  her skin lightly turns red and the furl on its head looses color and produces cold mist as a desperate attempt to vent the cold.

Being so young it is not lightly that she can hold on much longer.
A cruel trainer left her there to die.
soon, as her body shuts down more,  all she can do is curl up... to give herself precious seconds of more life.
There is nothing anything can do for her after that... just wait for her to die.
im gonna be off for most of the next 2 days, ill come on when i can tho just a heads up
help D: 
I got a game called slime rancher but whenever i try to open it it wont load


I'm taking requests for me to do any pokemon.
mudkip 2 by Daphneysilly
here are some pictures I've done for others.    Diancie and goomy by Daphneysilly Archen by Daphneysilly Cinccino by Daphneysilly 


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you guys are awesome :3

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